Scalable Business Model


BRAVOIL Express is Designed to be a Scalable Business Model

Mr. Tural Mayilov, CEO and Founder of BRAVOIL, says that one of the best things about BRAVOIL Express franchising is that it is a scalable business model.  From operators who start with one store, it can grow to the largest BRAVOIL Express franchisee, the BRAVOIL Express model works at all levels.

BRAVOIL Express franchisees have the advantage of the BRAVOIL Express management system and tools built for scaling up a business. There are many other franchise advantages too.  No matter how many stores an operator owns, the same model works in the same way.

Tural sees that even the operators that have started with one store are able to expand and make their business grow as aggressively as they want.  The model is built to be scalable. The BRAVOIL Express franchise business model is simple.  

Two Fundamental Ingredients in Our Business Model
BRAVOIL believes that the foundation for the success for BRAVOIL Express has seen can be shown in the simplicity of the business model. 
Two things: The values of BRAVOIL Express as an organization and the customer value proposition. “That’s it,” he says.
For the customer, BRAVOIL Express is providing a service that customers need. BRAVOIL Express wants to be the “quick, easy and trusted way for our customers to avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns.” Everything that BRAVOIL as the company, and BRAVOIL Express as the franchise store, comes back down to the customer.

Tools, Tech, and Training Support our Value Proposition

To support this value proposition, the BRAVOIL Express organization provides tools, technology and training to ensure that the customer receives the same service, every time. From the processes and technologies to the platforms and strategies, BRAVOIL Express drives itself to get better each and every day.

It’s All About People, Cars, and Greatness

Successful franchisees are owners who can align themselves with the BRAVOIL Express, both from a company perspective and as a customer service provider. “It’s about people, its about your business drive, it’s about cars and customers, it’s about greatness,” Tural concludes.

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